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Massage Therapy at Health Solutions

Did you know you can get the very best in therapeutic massage at Health Solutions? Aside from acupuncture and Oriental medicine Miklos has been a licensed massage practitioner since 1986, that is 26 years of experience.

Miklos ties together decades of experience using many different massage styles and the deep knowledge of Oriental medicine to produce a powerful yet sensitive treatments to help free people of stress and pain. Miklos’ style is described as strong / deep but sensitive and flowing. Also, a highly intuitive ability to seek and treat troubled areas. He uses synergistic blends of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, myofacial release, reflexology and cranio-sacral therapy. Miklos’ advanced knowledge of the acupuncture and meridian systems is also applied to massage to create synergistic treatments to effect release of stresses held deep in the central nervous system. When people leave Miklos’ treatment room they invariably feel euphoric like they are floating off the ground, like a weight has been lifted.

The anatomy of a great massage by Miklos:

The foundation of massage therapy is conscious touch, focusing the attention / mind through the hands to commune with the body. This is how a practitioner can feel where your troubled / stressed areas are, a combination of mindful sensitivity and intimate knowledge of anatomy.

I have had so many clients tell me they are afraid of deep tissue therapy because they have been traumatised by it in the past. This is where conscious touch is especially important. It allows us to commune with a persons troubled / tense areas and sensitively, incrementally release it. Deep tissue done correctly will not be traumatic or overly painful.

With every treatment at Health Solutions I strive to bring my full attention and focus at every point of your treatment. Your concerns and requests are fully attended to.

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