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New Years Resolutions at Health Solutions

Whether it is breaking old habits, getting fit, losing weight or creating more wellness and happiness in your life, Health Solutions has the tools to help you succeed!

At Health Solutions I offer Health Maintenance Packages, they are a way of getting regular treatments at an affordable price. They also help you commit to stay on track and gain results. Each package is custom tailored to the specific needs of the person. I offer therapeutic massage, acupuncture, herbal medicine and supplements and can build a program based on your needs to help you realize your goals.

Many people use Health Maintenance Packages at Health Solutions. I have many busy working professionals, executives, athletes and students who rely on regular treatments to help them overcome stress and overwork, maintain physical endurance and prevent or treat injuries.

If your resolutions are about changing habits – acupuncture and massage are invaluable for creating endorphins and a sense of wellness which make it a lot easier to break old habits. Herbs and supplements can also be used in conjunction as well to help create balance internally and help you move on from a rut.

Feel free to call or email and get a quote on a custom Health Maintenance Package. I am here to help you succeed! Happy New Year!

Miklos Hubay L.Ac.

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