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Fitness and Sports Medicine at Health Solutions

Santa Barbara is blessed to have a high concentration of people that are quality-of-life minded. Fitness and outdoor sports activities abound here, so at  Health Solutions I have catered to the needs of many athletes, ranging from amateur to world-renowned professionals.
Each sport has its own unique demands on the body and mind. Each body has its unique constitution. I analyze every factor to create an individualized solution for you!

At Health Solutions I use combinations of several modalities to tailor treatments to the specific needs of each athlete.

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage:
I use highly advanced and focused techniques to alleviate tension, blockages / congestion and inflammation of troubled or over-worked areas. Massage increases circulation, tissue healing and flexibility.

Acupuncture: is an invaluable tool to promote tissue and joint health. It is renowned for alleviating pain and inflammation. Many professional and Olympic sports teams use acupuncturists.

Herbs and Supplements: I use many great herbal formulas ranging from anti-inflammatory and tissue healing, to energy and stamina building. Herbs and supplements can be taken daily to provide ongoing positive change!

Athletic issues I often address:

Maintenance and injury prevention: this is the best form of treatment for those that can get regular or semi regular care to keep them in peak condition. Stressed areas are focused on specifically, as well as comprehensive treatment to help prevent breakdown and also boost performance levels. Package deals are available for those seeking regular care.

Optimizing performance:
therapeutic techniques and / or supplements and herbs are used to increase strength, stamina, circulation and prevent inflammation.

Treating injuries and troubled areas: most athletes develop injuries of varying degree from repetitive activities. At Health Solutions I treat most forms of injuries, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones. I also do post surgical rehab using acupuncture and massage to reduce inflammation, minimize scar tissue build up, increase tissue strength and range of motion.

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Miklos Hubay LAc LMT
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