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Treating Whiplash with Acupuncture, Physical Manipulation and Anti Inflammatory Herbs

Whiplash is a potentially severe injury that debilitates many who sustain it. Many who suffer a whiplash injury are misunderstood by others who have never experienced it, even by their healthcare providers. Whiplash is a very sensitive condition involving inflammation of the deep connective tissues and nerves of the cervical (neck) spine. It varies in severity from mild short lived, to severe, persisting for years, dependent on the severity and force of the accident that causes the injury.

Because of the complex spinal anatomy of the neck and the abundance of nerve roots that exit the cervical spine to form the brachial plexus the inflammatory process that sets in after injury can be very severe and long lasting.

Many healthcare practitioners underestimate the severity of inflammation and over treat the condition. for example by administering intensive osseous chiropractic adjustments or directly massaging the injury. Overuse of therapeutic stimulus can prolong suffering or even make it worse. The standard time frame for the resolution of stages of inflammation does not apply to whiplash. The complexity and dynamic movement nature of the neck leads to repeated re injury / irritation of the original injury.

At Health Solutions I approach whiplash with great care. With a fresh case I always start with anti inflammatory treatment with specific Chinese herbs and homeopathic remedies. Also with non local (not right on the injury) acupuncture on the points and meridians that effect the neck, to start calming the nervous system and lead the body out of a traumatized state. I often also use subtle non force techniques such as cranio sacral therapy to dissipate trauma. Inflamed nerve roots and ligament tears are very touchy and too much direct treatment in the beginning can be counter productive.

As the body starts turning a corner to a less inflamed / traumatized state, more direct to the injury therapeutic techniques are used to stimulate healing right at the site of the injury. By this graduated method we can safely lead the body toward healing.

My interest and knowledge of treating whiplash started in 1990 with my own severe whiplash injury. I learned many of the ins and outs through my own experience, followed by years of refinement and experience treating others.

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