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Herbal Immune Tune Up For Cold and Flu Season

Once again autumn is upon us and so is cold and flu season. The good news is that there are natural ways to tune up your immune system and build resistance to colds and flu using safe time tested herbal formulas and supplements.

At Health Solutions you can have herbal formulas custom individualized based on your unique constitutional make up. The individualized approach, using multi herb formulas, based on your own unique diagnosis,  insures greater success compared to self medicating. For instance an individual may need immune boosting herbs in combination with detoxifying herbs because their inner toxicity is suppressing the immune system.  Another example might be a person who is prone to viruses who have unresolved latent pathogens from previous illness lurking in their respiratory system or digestive system. I have specific treatment protocols for many unique conditions, and use an herbal pharmacy of hundreds of herbs from asia and around the world.

Natural herbal treatment vs immunization? Recent studies show the ineffectiveness of flu vaccines. While there are negligible benefits to flu vaccines, there are potential dangers. There is a growing body of evidence showing that some people are susceptible to long term negative side effects from immunizations such as the swine flu H1n1 vaccine, side effects such as neurological disorders, paralysis and narcolepsy, to name a couple.

Comparatively using herbal formulas and supplements such as vitamin D are safe and not only increase broad spectrum immunity, beyond just a specific virus such as vaccines are engineered for, but may also impart health benefits beyond just immune stimulation.

At Health Solutions my goal is to stimulate, optimize and increase your own healing potential!

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