Miklos’ hands are the hands of a god. I prefer very deep tissue massages because my back is eternally messed up. When I go to cheaper masseuses, I tend to be really sore the next day from the massage AND my back continues to hurt. However, I was not sore at all the next day. Though my back was still in some pain, I felt amazing relief from the intensity of pain I was feeling before. Best massage ever!

— Brittany H

Miklos tailored my herb formulas to my needs and his herbs improved my blood/circulation, restored my digestive system and my energy level. After just a few sessions I could feel amazing results. He is such a good listener and always has time for his patients and all that at affordable rates.

— Christina C

As a massage therapist I have high expectations of how a massage should be given. Mikos exceeded this through his knowledge of the body but with an intuitive and nuturing touch. Honestly, it was the best massage I’ve ever had!!

— Anonymous

Miklos is a fantastic massage therapist and great acupuncturist. I’ve been getting deep-tissue massages for 20 years from various therapists, but none compares to Miklos. I’ve been going to him for a few years for headaches and back pain, and he has helped me immensely. He’s also incredibly knowledgeable about Chinese medicine, as I’ve learned from talking to him while on the table! Highest recommendation.

— Anonymous

I have just experienced The MOST amazing spa treatment I have every experienced. It was a combo Acupuncture Session combined with a fantastic Deep Tissue Massage given by Miklos at Float Spa in Santa Barbara. I mean Wow. I have been wanting to try acupuncture but didn’t know how to find a good person to do it. I have been having some long term muscle tension in my neck and shoulders along with lower back. So when I was talking with the girl at the spa she listened to my list of aches and suggested I try the combo treatment. Miklos is trained in Chinese Medicine as well as acupuncture I found out he is very skilled in both. After the interview talking about my symptoms. He starts with a back massage…very intuitive massage, he knew how to work deep into the muscle…but also knew when to let it alone, then go back to it. Talent. Then the acupuncture. I actually felt the “surge” of energy between the entry points. I laid comfortably for a while, then he returned and removed the needles, finishing up with more massage. Let me tell you I really felt great after that. My feet so grounded and connected to the floor I was calm…and yes they live up to their slogan “Come Float With Us” I surely did for the the whole day and more. If you get regular massages you should try the combination of the two together….Fantastic

— Float Luxury Spa Guest

The best massage I’ve ever had and I’m a massage therapist so my expectations are really high. Also Miklos recommended chinese herbs to help with my allergies and overall wellness that really helped. Highly recommended!

— Jennifer Y

Miklos is Santa Barbara’s best kept secret! I see him weekly for acupuncture and massage combo treatments to help with scoliosis, cramps, allergies, stress, general malaise – you name it. I’m a basket case going in but always come out with a renewed outlook on life.

If you want someone who is very attentive, knows what they’re doing, is reasonably priced and can help you: call Miklos!

— Kelly L

A few weeks ago I went to Santa Barbara to visit a friend.  I find it hard to travel these days at age 67 with a very, very bad back.  A recent MRI shows a severely compromised spine with scoliosis, bone spurs, bulging and herniated discs…the list goes on.  Needless to say, I’m in pain all the time and find it difficult to even take short walks.

When my friend met me at the airport, however, she told me about Miklos whom she had used in the past with great success and felt that he might help make my stay in SB more pleasant and comfortable.  I reluctantly agreed to make an appointment.
The first thing I noticed about Miklos was his warmth and complete attention to me as a person and to my problem, which he took time to discuss and figure out.  I never felt rushed or treated dismissively,  something I have certainly experienced in the past with other professionals.

The treatment Miklos used was a unique combination of deep tissue massage and acupuncture.  I have had both of these treatments in the past, but never in combination and never to such great effect.  The result was nothing short of miraculous.  I had several treatments with Miklos during my stay in Santa Barbara and was, consequently, able to take long walks every day, go to some great vineyards for wine tasting and engage in sightseeing to my hearts’ content.  I am so grateful to Miklos for his fine ministrations and am looking forward to my next trip to California so that I can avail myself of them again !

— Marie B