At Health Solutions, I strive to finely tailor each acupuncture treatment to the specific needs of the patient. Treatment is given in a thorough unhurried manner. As well as being an acupuncturist, I have over twenty years of experience (since 1986) with advanced forms of therapeutic massage geared toward orthopedics. This gives me a finely tuned technical and intuitive sensitivity at finding and treating problems in the body.

Acupuncture treats a wide range of health issues utilizing the framework of oriental medicine. I have developed areas of expertise after frequently treating orthopedic conditions and pain, stress headaches and migraines, emotional health including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, women’s health, digestive conditions, post stroke care and Bell’s palsy.

Acupuncture is the practice of placing fine needles in very specific locations along energetic pathways known as meridians. The object of the needle is to stimulate the body’s healing energy, known as Qi, where it is depleted or blocked, as well as calm and harmonize the body’s Qi where it is disturbed.

According to Western research, it has been determined that one of the ways in which acupuncture works is by sending signals along nerve pathways that lead to normalizing function in the central nervous system where it is disturbed. Basically, helping the body attain homeostasis where it is stuck in negative functionality.