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Fertility Treatments Using Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

In light of a number of recent pregnancies of fertility patients at my clinic I’ve decided to write an article and make it official:

I offer fertility treatment!

Did you know that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has gained wide notoriety as an effective way to increase fertility? Oriental Medicine can be used alone or in conjunction with modern medical treatments such as IVF to greatly increase the odds of pregnancy.
LA Times Article:

The Oriental medical system (acupuncture and herbs) work with the patient’s body to enhance reproductive health in both women and men.
We focus on a whole systems approach rather than seeing the reproductive organs as an isolated part to be manipulated.
In other words, the imbalances that result in infertility have manifestations that show up in multiple areas of the body and psyche as well.
A trained practitioner can evaluate the patient as a whole, see patterns and discern a fundamental imbalance that accounts for the infertility.

The imbalances that account for infertility fall into two main categories:

1) Deficiencies – where something is lacking.
2) Stresses – where something blocks or disrupts the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

The main organ systems that are associated with fertility issues are the kidneys – related to the vitality and development of the reproductive organs such as follicular development in the ovaries, also hormonal deficiencies. The liver – related to stress and the smooth flow of the cycle, also related to the quality blood and the endometriums ability to nourish an embryo. The Digestion (known as spleen Qi) – related to the production of essential nutrients and blood, also to controlling hemorrhaging and retaining as in preventing miscarriage. The Heart – related to the spirit and emotions role in fertility.

All these systems are carefully evaluated to reveal the best way to optimise reproductive wellness. The fertility patient not only gains fertility but usually comes away with a higher level of wellness.

It is known that mainstream medical fertility treatments are more successful when acupuncture is used in conjunction with their treatments.

If you have any questions about fertility treatment or are interested in a free first consultation, please call me Miklos Hubay L.Ac. 805 895-6015
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