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Kidney and Adrenal Health an Acupuncture and Holistic View

At Health Solutions I have the specific diagnostic procedures and treatment with an array of vitalizing adaptogenic herbs to boost and balance your kidney / adrenal function. Why is this so critically important for long term health?

The kidneys and adrenals are a very important major organ system, the vitality of which influences many fundamental health issues. According to Oriental Medicine the kidneys are the root basis for qi (vitality) and yin / yang balance in the body. Moreover the kidneys are the energetic center where the inherited vitality received from your parents resides. People have greater or lesser base vitality that they receive from their ancestors. Do you ever wonder why some people can endure so much abuse and challenges without getting ill while others are constantly bogged down with health issues even though they are careful in every way?

The kidney system is the foundation that influences the vitality of the other organ systems of the body. This idea is supported by western science as well. The adrenals and kidneys are responsible for our bodies fundamental ability to maintain homeostasis and manage stress. The adrenals are a powerhouse of hormone production that help us cope with all kinds of stresses and deal with inflammation. The adrenals are intimately connected and communicate with the nervous system, brain and heart as well. The kidneys control super crucial blood balances such as mineral, electrolytes and pH (acid base balance) that effect the functioning of every cell in our bodies.

Compromise and weakening of kidney and adrenal function have deep far reaching effects on many systems of the body.

Q:Why is it so important to strengthen and balance the Kidney / Adrenal system?

A: Because our modern lifestyle of constant stress, over work, over stimulation,  lack of sleep, reliance on stimulants is specifically harmful to the kidney /adrenal system, and that system effects the health of the entire body. The adrenals are tied to the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, which is the part of the nervous system that deals with stress. Chronic stress puts demands on the adrenals to produce stress hormones leading to a weakening of the gland and hormonal dysregulation potentially leading to disease states. For example the body may develop compromised ability to regulate inflammation because of low corticosteriod output from burned out adrenals.


Here are some of the main conditions that can be influenced by boosting kidney and adrenal health:

Exhaustion / fatigue

Anxiety, palpitations, fears

Compromised ability to manage stress, inappropriate emotional response to stressors

Sleep disturbances / insomnia

Spinal conditions, especially lumbar pain

Bone integrity, teeth integrity

Connective tissue integrity, chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation and auto immune diseases such as colitis, Crohns, arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Thyroid issues

Metabolic syndrome / diabetes type II

Chronic infections, low vitality and inability to recover from illnesses or stresses

Allergies of all sorts

Low libido, sexual function, sex hormone deficiencies

Fertility both women and men

Menopausal symptoms / hot flashes

Premature aging

Hearing loss

Mental function, clarity, memory, slow cognitive development in children

Prevention of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer

Blood pressure, high or low

At Health Solutions you can receive the tools to help revitalize and balance this crucial part of your body to promote deep vitality, prevent an array of diseases and counter aging. Custom herbal formulas featuring famous adaptogenic  herbs like Crodyceps, He Shou Wu, Rehmannia, Reishi and many more are tailored to your needs.

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