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Insomnia, Natural Sleep With Acupuncture and Herbs

Insomnia, Natural Sleep With Acupuncture and Herbs

Insomnia, Natural Sleep With Acupuncture and Herbs

According to the CDC insomnia has become a major public epidemic. It has become increasingly clear as to the importance of sound adequate sleep for overall well being, for both our physical and mental integrity, and issues such as work productivity. Nature is designed to regenerate during down time in every 24 hour cycle and even on a larger scale yearly seasons, as spring flourishes from the repose of winter. As we now live in a 24/7 society of over stimulation, multitasking and stress it is not surprising that many of us have trouble shutting down at night.

Acupuncture has a unique ability to positively influence the sleep cycle and the treatments are based on individualized diagnosis. As a practitioner I look for clues as to which of a number of possible imbalances are responsible for an individuals insomnia. Then I work to correct that imbalance instead of simply trying to sedate the over active part of the central nervous system with pharmaceutical drugs. Hence acupuncture treatments are entirely devoid of the kind of side effects associated with pharmaceutical sleep medication, and can lead to long term improvement of sleep, even after the treatments have stopped.

 The tools I use to treat insomnia:

Acupuncture: insomnia is known to have a component of hyper stimulation of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, that branch is associated with stress functioning. Acupuncture has the amazing and well documented ability to switch off the sympathetic (stressed) functioning in specific areas of the central nervous system, depending upon where the needles are placed. Most people who have tried acupuncture know how relaxing and calming it is. So much so that I regularly get reports of sleep improvement even from patients that I am treating for other non insomnia conditions.

Herbal Formulas: while acupuncture neutralizes stresses in the central nervous system the herbs address deep imbalances that predispose and make us vulnerable to the stresses and or over stimulation that results in insomnia.

Some of these imbalances addressed with herbs are issues like:

1) Hormonal deficiencies due to aging. For this I use herbs that correct and nourish deficiencies of the kidney / adrenal system and also effect the heart and liver systems. The adrenal cortex is our secondary source of sex hormones that stabilize the system as we age.

2) Emotional stresses that negatively effect and stagnate the flow of energy in the body, such as prolonged work and family stress, for this we focus on the liver. Physical toxicity of the liver may also be important to address.

3) Anxiety, worry and over thinking, focus is on the heart, blood quality and digestion.

4) Exhaustion and depletion, focus is on the digestion and nourishment

5) Strong unresolved emotional traumas lodged in the heart center.

 Fitness, Diet and Lifestyle: if one hopes to maintain the benefits of acupuncture for long term results then guidance is offered for a lifestyle that promotes a foundation of balance.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call:

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